God Uses Ordinary People

I sometimes wonder if God can use ordinary folks like us. Let us look at the life of Peter who was praised by Jesus as the rock on which He built the church. Why was he so mightily blessed and used by God?

Peter had his fair share of mistakes in life. He was a hot-tempered fisherman who because of doubt, nearly drowned when he walked on water. He was sternly rebuked by Jesus when he tried to persuade him from going to suffer and die in Jerusalem. He was the insecure and frightened follower who denied Jesus 3 times. 

As an uneducated fisherman, Peter took a big risk by abandoning his net the moment when Jesus called him. He was the first among the twelve apostles who acknowledged Jesus as the Son of God. After the resurrection of Jesus, Peter immediately jumped into the water and swam ashore to meet Jesus when he recognized that Jesus was waiting over there. 

We may not have lived with Jesus as Peter did. However, Peter is both an inspiration and comfort for us as believers. His faith in Jesus was unparallel as he was willing to step out of his boat into the boisterous sea. Our faith can only grow when we take risk by stepping out of our comfortable boat among the rough sea of life with steadfast gaze in the direction of Jesus. We may falter and sink as Peter did when he took his eyes off Jesus. As long as we reach out to His outstretched hand, we would be pulled to the safety of our Master. 

We also learn that God does not choose disciples who are solid rocks with no cracks. He does not choose people based on their education, personality or talent, but rather people humble enough to be teachable, willing to repent, and prepared to submit to His will, He is looking for those who have willing hearts just like Peter.