You are not alone

After spending last week immersed in Psalm 88 and dwelling on depression and aloneness, I received an email from YouVersion on Sunday afternoon entitled “You are not alone.” My first thought was …not just Google, even YouVersion is listening! But this topic is particularly relevant, especially to our friends around the world, some of whom are just beginning to come together again in person. For … Continue reading You are not alone

Scribes for the Kingdom

There is a curious little parable at the end of the ‘parables of the kingdom’ in Matthew 13. Unlike the rest of the parables in this chapter, this one focuses not on the Kingdom but its servants. Jesus has asked his disciples if they understood everything he had just taught. Having received an affirmative answer, he then said to them: “Therefore every scribe who has … Continue reading Scribes for the Kingdom

Empowered to Build

Lincoln Road is a diverse place and LRBC is a part of that. There are 55 fast food outlets. There is a hospital and we hear the sirens as we praise the Living God on Sunday mornings. There is more than one school, childcare, kindergarten. There are at least twenty sets of traffic lights. Lincoln Road is a major artery of our city – for … Continue reading Empowered to Build